About Us

Established in 2014, Trident LLC is an International Distributor that provides premium security products, services, and logistics to Military, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Distributors in the United States and Foreign Governments.  We are experts in navigating complex import / export compliance matters, and in procuring rare and specialized equipment.


Our Mission is to provide premium security products and services to quality-focused customers through a simple acquisition path.


To be the top defense relations firm, relied on by the U.S. Government and the foreign governments as a trusted advisor and implementer of international security initiatives.


  • To deliver unmatched results to our customers with unrelenting passion for security
  • Compromise nothing
  • Responsive communication and built on a foundation of trust

What Our Customers Say

Trident has provided B&T with unprecedented service and knowledge with international trade and military liaison expertise- BT AG
Trident’s speed and follow through was critical in meeting agency requirements and mission success- CBP
Trident provided five star logistical and procurement services for our Governments needs. Trident succeeded where so many others failed- Philippines
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