A leader in international security, logistics, and defense solutions

Why Trident?

A provider of choice to the world’s elite military & security forces. With decades of experience in military, government procurement, and international trade, Trident provides value, speed, and assurance to any transaction. Trident’s attention to detail and knowledge provide assurance and quality to every engagement.

Our Services

Global Procurement

Trident’s broad rolodex of manufacturers and distributors worldwide, offer a wide array of solutions to any end user


Trident is proud to partner with the SIG SAUER Training Academy to offer a wide array training solutions


Trident’s experience moving material globally, provides turnkey solutioning to any customer, anywhere in the world

What Our Customers Say

Trident has provided B&T with unprecedented service and knowledge with international trade and military liaison expertise- BT AG
Trident’s speed and follow through was critical in meeting agency requirements and mission success- CBP
Trident provided five star logistical and procurement services for our Governments needs. Trident succeeded where so many others failed- Philippines
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